Noogie Cookie Dough Ice Cream is a Huge Hit in Restaurants

If you want to know what a little piece of ‘HEAVEN’ tastes like then carry on reading below!waffles-and-NCD-ice-cream

Noogie Cookie Dough has finally launched its Pawesome, Bearific, Noogietastic, Noogilicious cookie dough ice cream. As i like to quote from a customer after she had a scoop of OUR peanut butter cookie dough ice cream – ‘i think i just got angel wings’ and from La Vie En Rose one of our restaurant customers – ‘quite simply the next best thing to being allowed to lick the bowl’

So watch this space as we grow and start supplying alot more clients with our ice cream. If you want to try some you are more that welcome to give us a call on 083 4454556

Our ice cream comes in 5 flavours – Choc Chip, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Strawberry and Choc Mint

We supply in quantities of 125ml, 250ml, 450ml, and per litre – phone us for a price

See you soon!!


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