MAY i ask you a question?

Have you ever asked yourself, why you do what you do every day, all day?

I do what I do because what I do makes kids and adults SMILE!!!!


I do what I do because the kiddiewinkles that participate in whatever Noogie experience have FUN, LAUGHTER and a NOOGILICIOUS time, and when the kids are having a good time the parents are at ease and having a small but significant chillaxing time out!! We create a balance even if only for a short time.

Since the beginning of April I have been involved in such Noogietastic events and parties where I was able to see first hand how by creating something so simple the impact that it has is totally pawesome and humbling.

In April we were involved in the first Sweet Candy Fair expo of its kind in South Africa. It was alot smaller in size than any of the previous expos that we had done but, the results and exposure was intensely focused and concentrated.

The expo lasted for 3 days and on all 3 days both the Noogie Cookie Dough as well as the Noogie Cookie Dough Ice Cream SOLD out! We literally could not keep up with the demand for our product/s. This was the most satisfying feeling I had felt since starting Noogie Cookie Dough and it was just the beginning of an absolutely crazy busy time.

Following on from this we were invited to be a part of the Easter Beach Festival at Montecasino for 5 days, this festival was totally geared towards families and kids entertainment.

Over the 5 days we had the opportunity to bake with about 350 kids, to say that it was insanely busy would be an understatement but everyone involved had a total blast and it was an incredible success.

We have just finished with a Mother’s Day event providing some of the kid’s entertainment at La Vie En Rose for Celebrity Cherubs Charity Garden Party. It was really special to be involved in a good cause where all the proceeds go to Princess Alice Adoption Home.

Amongst all these beartiful events we have been inundated with our Noogie Cookie Dough parties, it is always very special for us to be a part of making a child’s bearthday that much more fun and memorable.

I love this whirlwind of a rollercoaster, the opportunities, surprises and chances to make a difference are what makes everyday a day of endless possibilities!!

It is just so YUMMY!!

Our Monthly Reminders:
If you are looking to keep the kids busy and entertained, we offer our Saturday morning baking classes at the Bakers Warehouse from 10:00am-11:30am at R150/child. Here the kids between the ages of 3-10 come to bake and really express their creativity with Noogie Cookie Dough.

Cookie treats that are created include but are not limited to; different shapes and decorated cookies, large moulded cookie animals, cookie dessert pizzas, cookie-on-a-stick and cookie ice-cream baskets. These classes are definitely not short of imagination!

You can either book on 0117065010 or 083 4454556.
Don’t forget to enquire about all our Noogie Cookie Dough Party Packages on 083 4454556 or email

Don’t forget to check out our calendar of events at the bottom of the website to see what is happening as well as see our blog page for news, stories and other interest articles.

Until next month KEEP CALM AND KEEP WARM!



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