Changing of the Season

Noogie Learns about the Seasons with  Reasons


While sitting in his chair and listening to the teacher at school
In blew a gust of wind and immediately Noogie started to feel cool
The teacher took the time to teach the class of the changing of the seasons
Starting with Winter and ending with Summer she explained all of them giving reasons
What and why things happen the way they do,
With each year there is a replacement of the old with the new

Winter is a time where the old leave and return to the earth
Spring is a time for mother -nature to give birth
Summer is a time for life to flourish and have some fun
While Autumn begins to calm life down and prepare for the hiding of the sun

We need the seasons to rejuvenate and refresh the earth
To allow life to continue its cycle of death and birth
Noogie now knew what each season meant and what it would bring
Leaving the class Noogie listened to the birds and saw the plants growing, so he knew that it was the start of Spring!

Enjoy each season and have some fun
Whether there is wind, rain, snow or just the beauty of the radiant sun.


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