Who is Noogie Bear?

Who is Noogie Bear you might ask?

noogie revised

I am his froogie (friend) and his description is my task

Most important to remember Noogie is a happy friendly bear

He is courageous, ambitious, strong-hearted and lives alot of the time without a care

Noogie is a bear who loves life and meeting new friends

He is sharing, caring and always expresses his emotions and never pretends

He always strives to be the best Noogie bear he can be

Living life to the fullest, smiling, busy and always there for me!


He is someone you can count on, to talk to when you need a listening ear

He is there to support you and if need be help you face your fear

So if you want to be a froogie (friend) of Noogie

Just believe in yourself, eat a Noogie cookie and learn the Noogie Boogie

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