What is ‘IN THE MIX’ for Fe’bear’ruary’? – Give your LOVED one a BEARhug

It usually takes about a month to get into the rhythm of the new year, but for some reason in 2014 we have hit the ground running!!flowers-in-a-glass-710x190

2014 is all about growing the Noogie Cookie Dough brand as well as the Noogieville forest and all the activities that take place there. What this means in a practical sense is that we are going to be participating in a lot more exhibitions, markets, baking classes, parties, promotional days basically anywhere where Noogie Cookie Dough can have a chance to interact with families and kids that is where we will try to be.

It is time now to introduce the South African market to our long awaited Noogie Cookie Dough Ice Cream, if you enjoyed and loved our Noogie Cookie Dough then you are going to be blown away by our cookie dough ice cream. It is literally heaven in a tub, one customer after having a spoonful of the ice cream said that she just got angel wings. Now, with comments like these you would be silly not to try to get a hold of some of the cookie dough ice cream.

We are going to be involved in a new expo being introduced in Johannesburg in 2014, the Sweet Candy Fair. It will be held from the 11-13th April 2at the Coca Cola Dome, I will give you more details as the time draws near.

We also want to welcome Maria to the Noogieville team, Maria is going to be assisting us with introducing the cookie dough ice cream to the public. We know that she is going to be a great addition to the Noogieville team and hope that she enjoys and has fun on her new found adventures.

Our Monthly Reminders:

If you are looking to keep the kids busy and entertained, we offer our Saturday morning baking classes at the Bakers Warehouse from 10:00am-11:30am at R150/child. Here the kids between the ages of 3-10 come to bake and really express their creativity with Noogie Cookie Dough. Cookie treats that are created include but are not limited to; different shapes and decorated cookies, large moulded cookie animals, cookie dessert pizzas, cookie-on-a-stick and cookie ice-cream baskets. These classes are definitely not short of imagination!

You can either book on 0117065010 or 083 4454556.

Don’t forget to inquire about all our Noogie Cookie Dough Party Packages on 083 4454556 or email adventures@noogieville.co.za
Do not forget to check out our calendar of events at the bottom of the www.noogieville.co.za website to see what is happening as well as see our blog page for news, stories and other interest articles.


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