The Noogieville Experience

The Noogieville Experience

One fine bright Noogilcious morn
Our young little Noogie woke with a yawn
As his eyes opened and captured the morning light
He wondered whether to bake, swim, read or go fly his kite
Thinking what to do for a while
A thought popped into his head that led to a smilefooter1-710x190

Noogie was going to experience Noogieville on this beautiful sunshine day
Seeing who was who and where they lived, what they did and what they had to say
Leaving his house Noogie listened to birds sing
He looked around at the hustle and bustle of all of Noogievilles creatures doing their thing

Where should I go first what should I see
There is just so much to get through in Noogieville thought little Noogie
There is the Noogie factory where all the Noogilicious cookie dough is made
There are the fields of choc chips growing that are always A-Grade

There is the vanilla waterfall at the outskirts of town
Also not forgetting the jester who thinks that he is an entertainer but is more of a clown
The coloured treats and sprinkles hanging from the trees
When autumn comes they all fell off and help decorate the Noogie cookies.

From the bakerbearry’s baking nearly all the time to the mayor watching over all of Noogieville
Each and every day brings new adventures and with it a different thrill
There is just so much happening with things to do galore
One thing is guaranteed, in Noogieville life is never a bore!

Wow thought Noogie I am the luckiest bear
To live where I live and have the opportunity to share
Everything in Noogieville with those that we meet
Can come and experience the Noogie way and have a Noogie cookie treat

And with that Noogie continued on his merry way
Wondering what else he would find on this Noogilicious day

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