It’s Baking Time

footer-710x190Waking up to a glorious sunny day
Noogie opens his eyes to capture the suns ray
With a stretch and a gaping yawn
Noogie springs from his bed on this beautiful morn

Dressing quickly and moving with pace
Noogie brushed his teeth and washed his face
For today it is time to bake
Using Noogie Cookie Dough from which cookies he is going to make

Getting the bowls, mixer and ingredients ready
Noogie stands firm, upright and steady
He begins by mixing the sugar with eggs and butter
Adding vanilla, choc chips and flour being careful not to stutter,

Seeing that the dough is holding and forming a big round ball
Noogie stops mixing, picks up the dough and is careful not to fall
Placing the dough carefully on the table
He cuts several cookie slices and then is able,
To place them gently in the oven so that they can bake
Only 5-6 minutes they will take

Once Noogie removes the cookies from the oven careful not to burn himself
He lets them cool on the wooden shelf
Noogie cleans up his mess while the cookies cool down
Allowing the NOOGILICIOUS cookie smell to waft through town

Wow, baking is so much fun to do
Next time ill ask some friends to come on through
Then we can all bake and share in the fun
Making Noogie cookies from scratch until they are all done

Until next time then, when we meet
Read a Noogie story with a soft-chewy Noogie cookie treat

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