Noogie products

Noogie Cookie Dough is currently only being delivered in the Sandton CBD and surrounding areas. For any other areas for delivery the minimum order value is R500.00. You can purchase any of our products in our online shop. Once your payment is confirmed your order will take 48-72 hours to be delivered.

Any Noogie deliveries will be charged out at R50.00 in the surrounding areas of Sandton, but further outlying areas will require a quotation. For any enquiries or for a quote for delivery to your area please get in touch.

Below is a list of all the Noogilicious products we currently offer!

Cookie dough tubs


Noogie Cookie Dough Tubs are our most popular products. A 250g tub can make up to 25 48mm cookies when it’s rolled out. It’s also free from any added preservatives!

Cookie dough ice cream


If you want to know what a little piece of ‘HEAVEN’ tastes like then try our Noogie cookie dough ice cream! Noogie Cookie Dough has finally launched its AWESOME tasting,  cookie dough ice cream.

Cookie dough jars


Our 500g Noogie Cookie Jars come jam packed with our Noogie Cookies baked fresh out of the oven. You can choose from a great range of flavours. If you’re not up for baking your own cookies, you can order our jars and still snack away on our Noogilicious cookies.

Cookie kits

DSC_36361-256x300Noogie Cookie Kits offer a great chance to teach your kids to become great little bakers! Our prepackaged kits make a great gift or surprise treat for children wanting to try out baking and explore their creative sides. The kits come in three sizes: Junior, Complete Beginner and Master Baker.

Gift hampers


Noogie Cookie Dough Hampers are a unique way of surprising someone with a great gift. We currently have 2 different hampers on offer – one for boys and one for girls. If you’re looking for something a little different and fun, get them one of our Noogilicious hampers – guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Deep fried cookie dough ice cream

Our New Noogie Deep Fried Cookie Dough Ice Cream Balls  are simply out of this world. 1.25 Scoops of either peanut butter or choc chip cookie dough ice cream covered in a layer of Noogie cookie crumbs and coconut shavings. You can enjoy them on their own OR you can deep fry them for between 6-8 seconds until they are golden brown.

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