Noogie News in June 2013

June was such a fun-filled eventful month for everyone involved with Noogie Cookie Dough.

From bearthday celebrations, school fun days to baking classes at the Bakers Warehouse to the Arts and Craft expo at Emperors Palace we were definitely not short of things to do! In addition to our Noogilicious baking bearthday parties, Noogie took part in the 40th bearthday celebrations of Saheti School.

We had the opportunity to offer the kids a Noogie baking experience which went down exceptionally well, so a big thank you to Saheti school and may you have many more bearthday celebrations in the future. Another great event that we have just completed was the Arts and Crafts expo at Emperors Palace, this was quite a challenge as it was the first formal expo that Noogie Cookie Dough has been a part of and, from what we experienced it is definitely going to be the start of something truly wonderful!

We were allocated quite a large space to set up our ‘teddy-bear picnic’ theme (have a look at our facebook page at some of the beartiful photos) and it was from here that we created some Noogie magic. Our stand was so well attended with the kids coming to bake and the parents and other interested parties sharing in the fun by asking questions, buying some cookie dough, watching their kids bake and baking and bonding with their kids. This was such a successful event and we would really like to thank all those that came to say hi, that came to bake and that came to buy our product we really appreciate your support!

We also had a great deal of doughlicious baking fun at the Bakers Warehouse on each of the Saturday mornings with up to 7 kids at a time. Here the kids between the ages of 4-10 came to bake and really express their creativity with Noogie Cookie Dough. Cookie treats that were made, included different shaped and decorated cookies, large moulded cookie animals, cookie dessert pizzas, cookie-on-a-stick, cookie ice-cream baskets to mention a few. These classes are definitely not short of imagination! Don’t forget if you would like to join in the baking fun on a Saturday morning from 10:00am-11:30am at the Bakers Warehouse at R150/child everything included then you can either book on 0117065010 or 083 4454556.

And last but definitely not least we would like to thank Sparrows Primary School and Magic Beings for taking part in a baking morning and a school holiday program respectively, we appreciate the opportunity to have played a small role in bringing some Noogilicious fun to the kids and hope we can do some future Noogie activities together again.

That is all for now but do not forget to check out our calendar of events at the bottom of the website to see what is happening as well as see our blog page for news, stories and other interesting articles. Finally if you are feeling very creative and want to experiment with the Noogie cookie dough then scroll to the bottom of the our websites’ home page and click on the ‘P’ pinterest icon and see what you can make using the Noogie dough.


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