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Our newly created deep fried cookie dough ice cream is really something for your tastebuds need to get to know on a very personal basis!!

Simple said it is like eating a little ball of ‘HEAVEN’ and what is even more exciting is that if you are really lazy you do not need to even fry them, you can simply put it straight into your mouth and ‘VOILA’ you are all set.

Our deep fried cookie dough ice cream has one of our cookie dough flavours encased in a wrapping of our baked cookie crumbs with /without coconut shaving to give it a little extra kick.

You simply have to try one or two, you know you wanna!!!

Launch of the Noogie Cookie Dough Mobile Dessert Bar

Up until now we have tended to cater more to the kiddies market with our really pawesome baking party packages but as of the beginning of 2016 we wanted to bring out and offer the adult market some of our Noogilicious treats (and to be honest, to also help out the kids by helping to stop their parents from taking all their Noogie treats at the parties) so we decided to launch our really cool Noogie Cookie Dough Mobile Dessert Bar!!!!

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Noogie gets a MASSIVE Smooch!!


This is such a SPECIAL and PAWesome day in the life of Noogie Cookie Dough! Today, together with Smooch we get to introduce South Africa to our Noogie Choc Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Yoghurt. Feeling pretty chuffed and amazed just how far we have come in such a short space of time. Get to your closest Smooch today and try it out, it is simply NOOGILICIOUS!!