Noogie News in June 2013

June was such a fun-filled eventful month for everyone involved with Noogie Cookie Dough.

From bearthday celebrations, school fun days to baking classes at the Bakers Warehouse to the Arts and Craft expo at Emperors Palace we were definitely not short of things to do! In addition to our Noogilicious baking bearthday parties, Noogie took part in the 40th bearthday celebrations of Saheti School. Continue reading

Noogie News

Noogie Bear is going with his cookie dough to Emperors Palace tomorrow Friday 28th June. From 10:00am-5:00pm he will be BAKING up a storm with all the kids that come by the Noogie Cookie Dough stand. The children will have the chance to express their creativity through the cookie dough, by making a variety of different shapes and sizes of cookies. They will also be able to decorate their creations with a variety of different decorations.

We will also be offering a show special on a Noogie Cookie Dough party and a picnic for up to 20 kids, the normal price is R3600.00 but if you come and make a party booking at the show you will get it for just R2500.00.

We will also be doing our Saturday morning baking classes at the Bakers Warehouse in Bryanston from 10:00-11:30am where the kids can come and use Noogie dough and create cookie treats that include, cookie-on-a-stick, silicon shaped cookie animals, small and large cookie cutter shapes, cookie pizzas to mention a few. These classes need to be booked and paid for in advance, the cost is R150.00/child and bookings can be made by either calling 011 7065010 or 083 4454556.

There is alot going on in these school holidays so if you would like to have some Noogilicious, Doughlicious fun then come along to the above-mentioned events and have a Noogietastic time!

We look forward to meeting and baking with you!




Changing of the Season

Noogie Learns about the Seasons with  Reasons


While sitting in his chair and listening to the teacher at school
In blew a gust of wind and immediately Noogie started to feel cool
The teacher took the time to teach the class of the changing of the seasons
Starting with Winter and ending with Summer she explained all of them giving reasons
What and why things happen the way they do,
With each year there is a replacement of the old with the new Continue reading

4 Fun Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Parties

When it comes to ideas for kids’ birthdays, it can be difficult to know where to start! One thing we have discovered is that, once they’re old enough, the best place to find inspiration is via your child. They’re bound to be brimming with ideas of themes, games and more! We’ve outlined four of our favourite kids party ideas, with a few tips and tricks thrown in to help you on your way.

Dinosaur Party

dinosaur party

A dinosaur party is one of our favourite ideas for kids’ birthdays. It is also a theme that provides lots of opportunities to get your little one involved in the party preparations. They can help you by creating dinosaur themed invitations (try colourful dinosaur egg shapes cut out of cardboard) and drawing pictures of their favourite species to hang up around the room. Continue reading

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