Noogie Client Testimonials

We run events for all kinds of clients – from kids, to successful business executives. No party or event is ever the same, but there is always one thing they have in common! Plenty of fun and great reviews!

Magna Carta Public Relations

“It was great fun. A great way to relax. I don’t like cooking but I certainly enjoyed that baking session. I really felt like a kid again” – Phozisa Mkele, Magna Carta Public Relations Pty Ltd
“It really was a great team building opportunity – something to completely take your mind off the stresses of the day! The cookie dough is delicious and we made lovely tasting cookies that my nieces devoured with gusto the following day! I will DEFINITELY buy the dough again!” – Penny Formo, Magna Carta Public Relations Pty Ltd
“It was great to feel like a child again, playing with cookie dough and creating your own little cookie creation. The dough is yummie and the end result was MAGIC! I LOVE the choc chip dough. Thanks Dean for creating a ‘child’ morning for us.” – Adri Ackerman, Magna Carta Public Relations Pty Ltd

 Living and Loving Teambuilding Day

“What an amazing, fun and wholesome way it was to spend time with colleagues at the Noogie Milk and Cookies party. We found our inner children, had so many laughs and had fun shaping and decorating our cookies. Dean was a master baker and a professional at his job, whose sense of humour and warmth added so much to the day too. All this, coupled with the most delish cookies and a personalised take-home box made for a brilliant experience”. –    Tanya Kovarsky, Editor
“Kids (and adult kids like us!) will love getting creative and having a ball at the same time at a Noogie Cookie Dough Party. We couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more, and those cookies should come with a warning – half of mine were gobbled before they made it into the oven! Thanks, Dean, for joining in the fun. It really was an amazing way to spend an afternoon.” –    Andrea Pafitis-Hill, Managing Editor, Living and Loving
“The experience was awesome; lots of jokes and laughter. I can’t think of a better way of spending the afternoon bonding with my team.” –    Lebo Mautloa, Art director
“The Noogie party experience was awesome fun. The flavour of the Noogie cookies are divine! If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on a great-tasting cookie.” –    Ziska van Wyk, Production manager
“Our team building with Noogie was really amazing. I had such fun acting like a child again and getting to bake cookies with my work colleges, Dean was such a sport when it came to being kids again and it made the afternoon so much fun. I would definitely recommend Noogie cookie baking to my friends who have children, as it is something that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. As for the cookies … Well, they lasted one whole hour in my house after my little boy got hold of them! Thanks Dean for making our team building the most fun we’ve had in ages. Noogie rocks!” –    Tahra Holloway, Senior designer

“I had great fun donning my chef’s hat and apron, sitting on kiddie chairs and using the cute kiddie utensils to create fun Noogie Cookie shapes. Dean was a laugh-a-minute and helped to inspire some interesting cookie creations. And it was simply fabulous to be able to eat our delicious Noogie Cookie creations afterwards. It was an awesome team-builder, too – we laughed ourselves silly and really had a good time. It was great fun to be a kid again – even for just a few hours! Thanks, Dean and Noogieville, for an awesome afternoon!” –    Marion Garassino, Chief sub-editor

“It was so much fun to embrace my inner child and bake some Noogie cookies! I can’t decide which tastes better – the raw Noogie dough, or a baked Noogie cookie, all crispy on the outside but still soft on the inside, the chocolate chips freshly melted. There’s only one logical conclusion – to eat the dough while you’re preparing the cookies!”  –   Monique Hurlin, Sub-editor

“It was so much fun to let my “inner child” out and get creative with dough, especially delicious dough that you can eat afterwards.” –    Xanet van Vuuren, Senior features writer

“A delicious cookie delight. The best part was eating freshly baked cookies – yummy!”  –    Bronwen Sly, Marketing and promotions coordinator

“I really felt like I was a kid again! And I just had such a ball!”  –   Terri Kaye, Fashion and decor stylist

“We were really like adults becoming children. I really enjoyed baking the cookies. I think it’s a great experience for fathers and I would love to do it again.” –    Isaac Wheats, Production and scanning

“What a wonderful experience! Small tables, chairs and rolling pins! I had so much fun making, decorating and baking Noogie cookies. I felt like a five-year-old again and I think it’s just what one needs to rewind and relax.” –    Elsa de Beer, Editor’s PA

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