The Story Behind Noogie Cookie Dough

Noogie Cookie Dough is freshly homemade, prepackaged cookie dough that you can simply put in the oven and bake without the hassle and mess of starting from scratch. It takes less than 7 minutes to produce your tasty Noogie Cookies, which come in a variety of flavours from vanilla to peanut butter and chocolate chip. You can have a fun, interactive family experience by welcoming Noogie Cookie Dough into your kitchen!

What’s Great About Noogie Cookie Dough

  • Noogie is freshly made with love and care
  • Noogie cookies are convenient to make
  • There’s no mess, no hassle and no fuss!
  • It takes 6-7 minutes to bake your very own soft-chewy cookies
  • Turn cookie making and baking into an interactive experience
  • It’s great fun!!
  • Noogie provides quality time with your family
  • Noogie is a great way to keep the kids entertained
  • Your Noogie Cookies can be made into any shape or size
  • Noogie Cookies are great instant treats for your guests
  • Noogie Cookie Dough can be frozen for up to 3 months
  • Noogie can aid in your kids’ tactile function, hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Noogie Cookie making is great for inspiring creativity

Noogie Ingredients

  • No added preservatives
  • Plenty of fun flavours such as peanut butter, choc mint and strawberry
  • All our delicious ingredients have been approved by a registered dietician
  • Our products do contain wheat, gluten, egg and cow’s milk

The Noogie Story

Everyone can dream! We dreamt of being able to make our own wholesome cookies without the mess, hassle and fuss, so we developed our very own products that would enable us to bring the real Noogieville story to life!

What does Noogieville stand for?

  • Noo – is from the Noogie dictionary and means ‘new’
  • Gie – is short for an oasis
  • Ville – means ‘place of ‘sweet’ things

So Noogieville to any outsider is the “new oasis of many sweet things”, and the sweetest thing that the Noogies feed off is their Noogie Cookie Dough.

Noogieville is comprised of several small villes (villages) where various creatures big and small make their homes. Noogieville is located in the same world as the two-legged creature but has been separated from their world by several treacherous mazes and the bottomless pit of Estaldia…

The Noogies are incredibly sociable and are always making, meeting and finding new Froogies (friends) to share their delicious Noogie Cookie Dough with as well as in their adventures.

The Home of Noogie Cookie Dough